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Author Amanda Linsmeier and I will be working together to publish anthologies.

Keep and eye on the Anthologies page.

What's New!

I am currently working on a new series of children's books.  The series will be called "Read to Me ...." and include one for Mommy, Daddy, Grama, and Grandpa.



Misc. Items!

I will add some of my work here from time to time.



Love and understanding.

Beach Ball Ballet.

The beach ball had been left behind.

Blown by the wind sea grass entwined.

Finally, then a gust hurled it free.

It rose to the height of a tree.


Then down with a twirl and a bounce.

With grace as if only an ounce.

Rising then to the sound of surf.

As music to a dance gives birth.


The colors then blurred with a twirl

Yellow and blue and red it swirl

Touching the ground is if on toes

Beauty of grace a dancer shows

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